Requirements And Installation
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Requirements And Installation


The submit system requires the following:

Instructors must have accounts on the server, though they do not need to have command shell access. Also, since the submit system stores the submitted files under the instructor's home directory, these directories must be open for searching by the web server user. (If you use ~ in URLs to refer to files under user's home directories, you're already solved this problem.)


The following steps should install the submission system on your favorite server.

Version 1 Users

If you use version 1 and have assignments defined, version 2 should read them without problems. The control file format has been changed, but the second version can read the old format. It can not write it, however, so once any assignment has been saved by version 2, you will not be able to read it back into version 1. If you want to keep both versions around, install version 2 to a different location, and change the SUBMISSION_AREA variable to something besides submission.