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Configuration Script

The submit system depends on number of configuration variables to adapt it to the host system and site preferences. Those needed for installation and are defined in the Makefile, and the rest in the run-time configuration file, submit.conf. The submit system is distributed with a configuration script that examines your system and adjusts these files to reflect its findings. The modified Makefile is used to install the submit system, and the modified submit.conf is one of the files installed. inspects your system, then writes a modified Makefile and submit.conf, retaining the original files adding the extension .BAK. adjusts variables which describe the host, but not those which are simple preference. These you must adjust by hand. See the configuration variables page for a complete list.

The usual operation is to perform the inspection and write the modified files without any interaction. If something cannot be discovered, the script writes an error and stops without updating the configuration. This behavior can be modified by the following options:

Operate in interactive mode. This will do the usual system inspection, then ask about the values found. For each one, it gives a description of the variable, then allows you to retain or modify the value. You can also enter values which the inspection could not find.
Do not scan the system. Instead, just use some guesses, which essentially reflect the author's system.
Do not scan the system, instead read the values from the configuration files. This is useful with -i when you want to start with your last try and change some values.
Ignore most errors. In this mode, the system inspection will gladly make rather wild guesses when it cannot figure something out.
-a file
The system inspection makes use of the Apache configuration file if it can find one. This flag lets you specify its location, which is helpful when the script cannot find it.
-stem [ path ]
Specify the default value for the STEM variable. STEM is used at the front of other installation paths. If the -stem option is not used, the default value of STEM is /usr/local; if -stem is used with path is omitted, STEM defaults to the empty string. The -stem option is most useful when running non-interactively; when -i is in force, the program will confirm the STEM value anyway.
Print help text and exit.


The system inspection does the following:

It is worth noting that the Apache configuration scanner is by no means an accurate parser of the configuration file syntax. It can miss things that are perfectly correct but not straightforward.