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Assignment Attributes

These are the attributes of an assignment. They can be set from either the web or command line interface. Each assignment also has a collection of file requirements, whose attributes are described on the next page. The listing for each gives the label used for the form entry on the web page, and the setsub command used to set the attribute in that program.

Web Page Label: File Name Setsub Command: save  
This is the file name for storing the assignment. It actually represents the name of a directory on the server. If the assignment file name is fn, and is owned by the user named u, all files related to that assignment are stored in HOME_AREA/u/SUBMISSION_AREA/fn, typically something like /home/fred/submission/a3. (HOME_AREA and SUBMISSION_AREA are configuration variables.) The assignment parameters are stored is a file called Control.txt within this directory, along with all other files related the this assignment, including all uploaded student work.

The file name also becomes part of the URL used to reach the assignment, which is formed as http://SERVER_NAME/CGI_DIR/submit.cgi/u/fn. It is also used as a short name to identify the assignment while using the setsub command.

The submit system does not allow arbitrary file names, and will whine at you if you use characters it doesn't like. Letters and digits are fine, as are underscore, dash, plus, equals, at and colon. Spaces are not allowed, and the first character must be a letter or digit.

Web Page Label: Instructor Setsub Command: instr  
The instructor's name. This is displayed on the assignment submission page.
Web Page Label: Assignment Name Setsub Command: asst  
A string describing the assignment which is displayed on the submission page. It is also the text of the link on the page listing the instructors assignments to students, and it identifies the assignment on the file manager menu displayed to the instructor.
Web Page Label: Storage Quota Setsub Command: disk  
This is a limit on the total amount of disk storage which can be used by the assignment. This is enforced by the submit.cgi script which handles submission uploads. The limit should be seen as approximate, since the implementation takes some shortcuts.
Web Page Label: Storage Usage  
This is the amount of storage currently used by the assignment. It cannot be set by the assignment editing tools.
Web Page Label: Disabled Setsub Command: enable/disable  
This is a boolean value. A disabled assignment cannot be used to submit files. A submission page will not be generated, and any attempt to upload work will be refused. Also, the assignment is omitted from from the public listing of assignments available to students.

The main purpose of this feature is to allow the instructor to hide assignments from students before they have been discussed, or after the deadline has passed, without having to delete them. Downloaded files are still available to the instructor, and the assignment can be re-enabled if needed again later.