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URL Configuration

This group of configuration variables are used to form URLs.

SERVER_NAME In submit.conf  
This is the name of the server. If the SERVER_NAME environment variable exists, it is used instead. Since this environment variable is part of the CGI standard, the SERVER_NAME configuration setting should never be used by CGI scripts. If neither the environment nor configuration variables are set, perl's standard Sys::Hostname module is used. This would be usual for the command-line scripts.
CGI_DIR In Makefile Configured by setup.pl  
This is used to reach the CGI scripts. The URL to reach any particular CGI script scriptname is formed as http[s]://SERVER_NAME/CGI_DIR/scriptname.
IMAGE_DIR In Makefile Configured by setup.pl  
This is the portion of the URL used to reach the submit system images. The URL to reach an image imagename is formed as http[s]://SERVER_NAME/IMAGE_DIR/imagename.
BACKGROUND In submit.conf  
This is the full URL of the image used as the background of all submit system pages. It is a separate variable so it can be changed easily.