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The File Submission System

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Output Locations

This group of configuration variables describe file locations which are written by the submit system during operation. Some are initialized by the installation script, which will make sure all the directories along the path exist, and that permissions are correct.

HOME_AREA In Makefile  
This is the directory under which normal user home directories exist, usually /home. The submit system does not store anything here directly, but uses the user home areas within HOME_AREA.
This is the directory under the user's home area where assignments and submitted files are stored. For user u, assignments are created under HOME_AREA/u/SUBMISSION_AREA.
LOGFILE In submit.conf  
The path of the submit system log file. It must be writable by the web user process. Since the log file is written by appending, if you change this value in submit.conf, log messages will be appended to the existing content. If that is not what you wanted, truncate the file.
SESSDB In submit.conf  
The path of of the submit system session database. The system records current logins here. It is a binary file. If you change this value in submit.conf, the new path should be either nonexistent or an empty file, and writable by the web server process.
SUBVAR In submit.conf  
CONF_CACHE_LOC In submit.conf  
The submit system builds a cache of its current configuration to avoid having to parse the file each time. When it builds a new cache file, it creates a temporary file in the directory given by SUBVAR, writes the contents, then moves it to CONF_CACHE_LOC, which must be under SUBVAR.