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Miscellaneous Configuration Variables

These are the variables that don't go anywhere else.

PC_AGELIMIT In submit.conf  
PC_NUMLIMIT In submit.conf  
When a particular submission requires multiple files, it may be that some are accepted, while some are missing or rejected. This leaves the system with a partial submission. Rather than require the user to send all files again, the files are kept temporarily in a directory under /tmp, until the user can send the remaining files. When the submission is completed, these files are moved to the instructor's submission area. However, since there is no guarantee that the user will eventually complete the submission, these files must eventually be expired and removed. These parameters control this process. The PC_AGELIMIT is an age in seconds after which files are considered old and removed. The PC_NUMLIMIT is the maximum number of files which can be stored in the persist area. When adding a new file would take the set over this limit, the oldest file is removed, even if it is younger than PC_AGELIMIT.

Note that the contents of the persistent cache are expired only when a file is to be added, so files may get much older than PC_AGELIMIT. If a user attempts to complete a partial submission from which some correct files have expired, the expired files will have to be sent again, and the user will receive a message to this effect.

LOCK_TIMEOUT In submit.conf  
The submit system uses the Unix flock call to synchronize some of its file updates. If the lock cannot be acquired in LOG_TIMEOUT seconds, the operation fails with an error message.
HTTP_USER In Makefile Configured by setup.pl  
HTTP_GROUP In Makefile Configured by setup.pl  
This is the Unix user and group under which the web server process runs. If you are running Apache, these should agree with the User and Group settings in your Apache configuration file.